Monday, May 17, 2010

Sidetracked, yet again.

but I'm going strong on the sewing front again! I'm currently getting my own business up and running "Designs by Potter".. Yes, I now SELL the wonderful lovely's that I make!

The kidlets are all doing great. Good grades in school. We're in the process of potty training the babe.. yeah me... NOT!!

Anyhow, pics of my current projects coming up soon!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Out With the Old..

So I started this blog with every intention of blogging at least weekly, but then I got sick. Really sick. I had my thyroid taken out in mid July and I've not been the same ever since.

I had to have my thyroid removed because I had Graves Disease. If you've ever known anyone with Graves, you'd know what a crappy disease it is. You basically have a system that thinks it's on the best Starbucks espresso ever... all the time, 24 7. I was pinging all the time! I was breast feeding Ben (after a year!!!) and had to stop that as well after the surgery. God, what a long summer!!!!

After my surgery, which the surgeon botched by the way, I was diagnosed with hypocalceima, and hypoparathyroidism. Basically, my body doesn't produce enough parathyroid hormone to regulate the calcium in my body. If I don't take enough calcium, I'll have a heart attack. Did you know that you have to have calcium for your heart to function?? I didn't know that. I've spent so many days and weeks in the hospital since August!

Anyhow, besides my crappy summer, stopping bfing, and having surgery, well, two, I had a port inserted as well, the kids have decided to go out of 2009 with a bang! Hannah was just admitted into the hospital with pneumonia and Ben had RSV... Both are recovering now, but what a week before xmas that was.

Long story short, my New Year's resolution is to blog at least weekly from now on. I just got a new laptop for xmas from my Dear Husband! and now I can sit here comfortably on the couch, watch the kids kill each other and blog without having to be shut up over in the corner where I can't see all the juicy action.

Monday, April 13, 2009

6253 Things About Me

I do know that there's no way to please everyone, and really, that's the great thing about reading blogs; if you don't really like the person that you're reading, just move on. It self selects. And then again, there are the people you just click with. You just immediately feel like good friends. All this based solely on the words they choose to type into their blog. Weird, but kind of cool too.So, in case you would like to know me a bit better, here's the first installation of "a few random things about me."

1. I talk so much that after an evening of hanging out with friends/family, I feel hung over whether I've drank alcohol or not. I assume it's from being dehydrated from having my mouth open all night. I'm a chatterbox, and darn proud of it!

2. I use LOL a lot. Almost after every sentence, kinda how "Valley Girls' say 'like'.. I have to catch myself from using it all the time. I don't actually laugh out loud. I'm not sure why I do it all the time, kinda like crack, I'm addicted, LOL!

3. I didn't know what the song She Bop (by Cyndi Lauper) was about until a couple of years ago, when John told me.

Did anyone have to go look up about number 3? Or am I the only person that didn't know this?

4. I was born a natural blonde. My blonde hair now comes from a bottle. I did have it a nice brown, but I was too ditzy. I needed an excuse to be so air-headed.

5. When people wave in my direction (and I’m not completely sure if I know them and if they're waving at me or someone else) I always wave back. I would rather wave to someone who's waving to the person behind me than not wave to someone who's waving at me.

6. I have a rule that you can get peanut butter in the jelly, but not jelly in the peanut butter. It's because the peanut butter doesn't need to live in the fridge, but the jelly does. It irritates me that I had to write up this rule (yes, I did actually write this on a piece of paper and hang it from the pantry shelf); am I the only person that thinks about this sort of thing? I also unload the dishwasher bottom-to-top so that when I pull out things with water in them, they don't dump all over the stuff underneath them.

7. I used to think that your heart moved around in your chest, sort of like the moon moving around the earth. I thought this because whenever the doctor listened to my chest, he listened in several different spots. And he would always tell me that he was listening to my heart. If a doctor didn't know where my heart was, it was most likely because it wasn't always in the same place.

8. I used to think that you needed to go to the doctor to get pregnant. My mom had explained that babies were made when sperm from a man got together with an egg from a woman, but she left out the mechanics of the transfer. I assumed that the doctor always needed to help.

9. I think I have the opposite of anorexia, at least in terms of self perception. People with anorexia see themselves as fat, no matter how thin they become. I picture myself (even when looking directly in the mirror) as about the same size as I was in college (not to mention the same age). Then, I'll see a picture of myself from a different angle and wonder who that chubby person in my clothes is. It's shocking, really.

Anybody who knows me in real life, feel free to chime in!

Hello, welcome, and all that jazz...

So I've been meaning to put something in motion that records our day to day.. I'm a busy mom, I don't really have time to put pen to paper. I do have time to type a quick note, story, etc. I want to have a written record of our triumphs, tragedies and all in between. There is so much going on and I just don't think I'll be able to remember it all!

If you know me, you'll know that my life is busy. I'm a stay at home mom to 4 kids. 3 of my own and a wonderful stepdaughter. I"m also the loving wife to my husband, John. We have a dog too, Bueller.

This is my life. Welcome.

Jacob is my first born. He's 5 and currently in kindergarten. He's quite rambunctious! He's a typical little boy, messy, dirty and always has a smile on his handsome face. He hates to make his bed, eat his veggies and go to bed. He is the first to make me a mother and for that, I am truly grateful. I will never forget his tiny face the day he was born! And such a good baby! He was an easy baby, what a great start to motherhood! He's still a good boy, difficult at times, but what boy isn't?

Hannah comes next. She's a little spoiled, OK I lied, a lot spoiled. You know how everyone says they want their children to stay small forever? That's Hannah. She'll be 3 next month and is only 22 lbs. She's soo tiny still! I will say though, her voice makes up for her size. She can't talk without yelling. Seriously, like she needs to make sure I can hear her all the way up here! She is the little girl I dreamed of. Loves clothes, makeup, hair done.. And all before 3! She's a little miss Mommy around here too!

Jesse, my stepdaughter, is 10. She helps around the house, is great with the little ones and is a joy to be around, most of the time.. She's finally seen the amount of work I so and has been helping out quite a bit lately. I haven't had to do dishes in 3 weeks1 I guess it took track break to see what I do daily! She is an avid reader, like myself and does very well in school, A/B averages!

Benjamin, my third, and possibly last child is the common thread that binds us as a family. Jake and Hannah are from my previous marriage, and Jess is from John's previous marriage. Before he came along, it was hard for them to think of each other as siblings. He's blood related to not only Jess, but the other two as well now. Somehow, he makes us a completly blended family! He is a lively little fellow, always quick to smile and such a lover. He is teaching me so many new things I never knew, even with two other kids!

John is my soulmate. No other way to describe him. He is literally my other half, the yin to my yang, the peas to my carrots. Corny, but that's who we are! He's 11 years my senior, but the perfect compliment to me in every way possible. We met online. Cheesy, corny, but again, it's us! We were able to fall in love with our words, feelings, thoughts, not just superficially. I loved getting to know his brain before his body. We are both joksters, sarcastic, comical. He's given me the greatest gift a mother could ask for: to be able to stay at home and raise my babies. I'm a lucky woman and mother because of him.

I, well I'm just me. A stay at home mother. I'm sure you'll get to know me well in time, I'm really a load of fun, I swear!!

Thanks for sneaking a peek into my world. You'll soon find that I've got it all! Yes, sometimes I stumble, but I always pick myself back up.

In the words of Hannah, " 'mooches! BYE!"